Stash Storage

Led on-demand storage startup from ground zero to receiving orders on a new web site and app within 6 months. Created customer on-boarding app product design and worked with ReactJS team to finalize app and architecture. Provided data-driven analysis (BI) of entire company operation, detailing customer flows & dropouts, and making fast iterations to improve upon the user experience.


Stash Storage onboarding app
Stash Storage is on on-demand technology driven company focused on storing customers’ items without ever having to visit a storage unit. The ReactJS web app handles the onboarding and quoting process so that the company knows everything they need to assist new customers.

stash storage user onboarding flow ux ui
The customer onboarding user flow includes a zip code geo-location check, email address query with Salesforce API to ensure the user is not already a lead, storage plan selection and appointment setup.

Stash Storage App Prototype

This early prototype shows the customer onboarding process:

  • Zip code check
  • Plan selection
  • Protection plan selection
  • User registration
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Payment details
  • Order confirmation